A Clean House Leads to a Clean Mind

After reading some reviews of canister vacuums on this website, I decided to write this article. My kids are a huge part of my life, I’m not sure where I’d be without them. With that being said, they are some of the dirtiest humans I’ve come across. Somehow their rooms can resemble post-apocalyptic areas with scattered hills of clothes, wrappers, wires, you name it, it’s probably on the ground. Now I’m not sure if this is pure laziness or they just genuinely turning into little heathens.

So, admittedly, I’m embarrassed. Who wouldn’t be with the situation I described. I’m a fairly neat person so how did this happen. I decided I would make them more accountable for their rooms. Instead of picking up after them, I would force them by taking away some of their favorite things. Items ranging from cell-phones, to internet access, to TV. They quickly figured out that a clean room leads to a clean mind. As a result, they told me they were happier and less stressed, which are both great qualities and things to have.

Making Cleaning Fun

Music – Crank up the tunes and get the cleaning party started. The kids will love to clean and sing along with their favorite songs. Before they know it their rooms are clean and the time will pass a lot faster. Create some great memories and sing along with them.

Giving Back – Teach your kids the value of giving back. Have them go through their older toys, clothes, and various items and sort through what they no longer use. This is a great teaching lesson as well. Instead of giving their clothes to younger relatives, suggest giving them away to people who truly need them like other less fortunate kids.

Laundry – If you’re like me, I never actually learned how to do laundry till I got to college. I got lucky and had a great mom who I could call and have her literally guide me. In order for that not to happen, I decided I would teach them how to clean clothes, and sort through laundry. Playing the matching game is always fun with your socks and sorting through whose laundry is whose.

Vacuuming – I love vacuums and really cherish the moments I get to use it. After reading the vacuum reviews I mentioned above I went all out and got a great Miele model. I also went to Walmart and picked up a kiddie vacuum for my youngest and showed my oldest how to use the real vacuum.

Again these all seem like small things but getting your kids involved in cleaning is a great way to spend time with each other. cleaning doesn’t have to be boring, it can actually be fun especially when you’re doing it with the ones you love.

Some great tips from ThriftyMom. A great video and I thought it would be a great addition to this post:

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