Effective Maintenance of Electric Chainsaw

An electric chainsaw is a great tool for doing chores and other recreational activities. While most stereotypes hold that old chainsaws are better off not being used for safety purposes, it’s just the maintenance of the machine that has to be done well. Picking the best chainsaw for homeowners is a good choice because there will be less maintenance.

The safety and running life of chainsaws all boil down to a proper maintenance which users can do it just by themselves without any help of a professional. Carrying out a proper maintenance at quarterly intervals makes sure that the machine does not overheat which causes malfunctions and even accidents.

Cleaning body

To carry out a proper maintenance of an electric chainsaw, one should always start with the body. Most chainsaws come in a rugged body that’s made out of durable plastic and some small parts of metal. After every use, one should wipe off the entire body with a clean and dry cloth. Doing this ensures that no debris (even the small ones) is left attached to the body which otherwise would interfere with the chain bar.

Brushes and Armature

With long and frequent uses, minute dust unknowingly creeps inside the electric motor which eventually interferes with the efficiency of the electric chainsaw. For getting out maximum productivity from the machine, one has to dismantle the motor by simply removing the armature cover.

Doing this exposes the motor’s brushes and armature which can be cleaned with a dry cloth. For best results, one can also a dry air blower to blow away dust from the part where fingers cannot reach. But users are also to be warned not to go overboard and use different kinds of cleaning liquids as it might cause the brushes to corrode.

Chain blade of electric chainsaw

Users are also advised to take great care of the chainsaw’s chain blade mainly for work productivity and safety. Chainsaws, both electric and engine oriented, self-lubricate the chain blade via the discharge holes.

These discharge holes which are placed along the chain bar edge can attract dusts and debris which might cause blockage. To prevent dust and debris from blocking these oil discharge holes, one must use a compressed air can that comes with a long nozzle. The long nozzle, in turn, helps in reaching the small opening for blowing away sawdust. To finish off, the chain bar also has to be cleaned with a dry cloth to wipe off leaking oil in which debris get stuck.

Thorough inspection

A proper maintenance to electric chainsaw involves a final thorough inspection. A thorough inspection includes checking and tightening of all the body screws and joint. Doing this will minimize the risks of accidents. For ensuring extra safety, one can also check the power outlet and cords to prevent any electrical failure.


If the chainsaw is intended not to be used for a long time then the entire unit must be cleaned dry thoroughly. The chain also has to be removed entirely so that it will not clog over time. Lastly, the machine needs to be stored in an air-tight bag that is filled with SAE 30 weight oil.

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